I think the best way to talk about my beautiful evidence, is that I have been inspired so much
by the sea. I grew up in a city on the Red sea called Jeddah. I used to go to the sea whenever 
I needed to relax, think or release my stress. So, the sea has a big influence on my personality.
I have visited a lot of countries and seen many seas and oceans. Due to that, I have gathered in my 
personality many cultures knowledge because of my previous job, that when I was a flight attendant.
I had the chance to be exposed to different cultures and traditions. I was wandering around the world
and I got to know many cultural that hones in my personality a lot of things, one of them the openness
that fit with my culture.
To conclude this up I’m person who has a different point of views on a different things just like a see it
diverse from country to country and city to city. As well as I’m a wild person not easy to read unless
you dig more to know about me better just like the mysterious bottom of the see. The see contains many
valuable products reminds me of myself by carrying valuable characteristics and thoughts, that leads
me to my life. Finally, these experience and personality became the building block for my talent and
artistic thoughts. the sea is the place where I go for inspiration and brainstorming.
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