Since I grew up in a city called Jeddah on the Red sea, whenever I needed to relax, or release stress, I would visit the sea. So I became more inspired by the sea, and it became a big influence on my personality. The sea has various characteristics such as; the depth that has valuable resources; my personality is similar to that of the sea. I am a person who has a deep thinking. 

When I was a flight attendant, I was wondering around the world. Therefore, I had a chance of being exposed to different cultures and traditions that hones in my personality a lot of things one of them being the openness that fit with my culture. On the other hand, the sea is the deepest creature on the earth. A lot of secrets, history, and treasures are hidden underneath the sea. But only the diggers can find and release the value of these mysterious. 

In conclusion, just as the sea diverse from country to country, I am a person with a different point of view in different things. As well as I’m a wild person not easy to read unless you dig more to know about me better just like the mysterious bottom of the sea. The fact that the sea contains many valuable products reminds me of myself by carrying valuable characteristics and thoughts that lead me in my life. All these experience and personality became the building block for my talent and artistic thoughts. 

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